What The Fuck, Seth Schiesel?

Originally there was going to be a preamble here, a little somethin’ somethin’ so I didn’t just launch into the meat of the issue.

But fuck that. Check this out.

Yes, Mr. Schiesel, a man whose Opinions on Video Games matter to me, has decided that the best use of his limited space is to discuss the latest FarmVille. If you don’t know what FarmVille is, how did you even find this website, grampa? I bet your modem is just a handwritten page of binary handed off to the Pony Express man, addressed to The Internet.

Sure, as far as video and computer games go, FarmVille is huge. And I’m sure FrontierVille will be just as huge (although possibly not since they’re asking their market to commit to two big time sinks).  I can see the merit of some reportage on this. But surely, Mr. Schiesel, there have been at least a few big releases in the past month. Couldn’t you have better spent your time and ink on those instead?


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