About Horrible Milk Experience

What Is Horrible Milk Experience?

When I was in college, I had a friend who would announce his lactose intolerance to anyone who listened. But he would still eat slices of pizza like a champ.

I came up with a theory, which ran like this: at some point in the past, this kid had a horrible milk experience. Maybe he drank curdled milk by mistake, maybe some ice cream went down the wrong pipe, maybe he found a slug in his Yoo-Hoo. Rather than have to retell the story every time he was faced with milk or lactose, he found it easier to declare himself lactose intolerant.

Horrible Milk Experience, the blog, is one man’s personal space to discuss whatever he wants. Some of it’s comedy, some of it’s video games, sometimes movies, sometimes television, rarely books.

Who Is The Author?

J. Schechner is a board certified Chill Bro, an American beer enthusiast, and really good at video games. He’s rated over 400 items on Netflix and has never gotten into a drinking contest but has always wanted to.

He lives in New York City with a grouchy cat and a beautiful collection of IKEA furniture. Schechner has a 50-50 shot of solving any given NYT Sunday crossword puzzle.


One Response to About Horrible Milk Experience

  1. pinesol says:

    I’m pretty sure Yoo-Hoo doesn’t actually have milk in it. Just sayin…

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